Control Diabetes with eating raw onions and garlic

With the World Diabetes day being celebrated on 14 November. We at would try to bring you news on latest happenings on controlling the killer diabetes. There are billions of diabetes patient in the world trying to get a relief or control this silent killer. Even I lost a good friend of mine who was suffered with Type 2 diabetes. Lets look at what is going on in the world as far as treatment of diabetes is concerned.

In order to control diabetes the main aim is to minimize the elevation of blood sugar or glucose. It has been pointed out from time to time that Type 1 diabetes is treated with exercise, insulin and diabetic diet. While Type 2 diabetes is treated with a diabetic diet, exercise and weight reduction. When all this is failed oral medications are administered to control diabetes.

Check if you are suffering from diabetes

Diabetes can include symptoms such as:

* Recurrent urination
* Strange thirst and a dry mouth
* Severe tiredness/lack of energy
* Invariable hunger
* Rapid weight loss
* Imprecise vision
* Recurring infections

Remember weight reduction and exercise is vital for treating diabetes. These two essential activities increase body’s sensitivity to insulin and helps control blood sugar elevations.

Onion and garlic

Treat diabetes with raw onion and garlic

In Europe, Asia and Middle East in an effort to control diabetes people are relying on eating raw onions and garlic. Even bitter gourd and the herb ginseng have been found suitable for treating diabetes. In Iraq barley bread is popular while in other countries people use cabbage, cinnamon, cucumber, coriander seeds, Indian gooseberry and lettuce. Scientific research has confirmed that all the above foods contain anti-diabetic properties.