FREE TUM TEAV book written in English

What `s new today? Yea! It is! Now may be all of you used to hear about TUM TEAV. TUM TEAV is a love novel of Cambodia which are very interesting and show about the Khmer culture in the ancient time.
Now I am very pleased to tell all you guys that I have found an E-Book of TUM TEAV in English is a Khmer boy `s blog name Fedele. I want to say thank to him very much.

I don’t want to describe more about it, but I want you to download it by yourself and try to understand everything in this story. But remember not to drop your tear….or……!!!!! TUM is a monk TEAV is a beautiful girl how can they love each other….? How about the future of them…….?

File name : tum-teav-in-english.pdf

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