Ginger helps in controlling headache quickly

Headache & Ginger

We all have to bear the common ailment headache or migraines, erythromelalgia of the head, sphenopalatine, migraine headache, neuralgia, Bing-Horton disease, Horton cephalalgia, in our daily life. There are various reasons which causes headache. Some of the reasons of headache include stress, illness, changing diet, lack of sleep. If you have been provided a green signal as there is no serious illness involved when you have headache the other step is focusing on your diet. You have to include several things in your diet and exclude other things. Some of the food items which triggers headache include chocolate, caffeine found in coffee, tea and colas, red wine, Aspartame, meats, some nuts, alcohol, sulphites, nitrate and of course ice-cream. Some medicines like Excedrin, Anacin and Actifed also enhances headaches.

How to control headache or migraines?
On the other hand researchers have showcased in some of the studies like Supplementation with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the management of recurrent migraines in adolescents. that omega-three fatty acids found in fish oil helps in controlling migraines. In order to control headaches we have to follow some Do’s and Don’ts.


  • National Headache Foundation said when you encounter headache go for ginger, take 1/3 teaspoon of ginger, as it contains a small amount of antihistamine. It is also an anti-inflammatory.
  • Take regular sleep, as sleep deprivation causes headaches.
  • Take multivitamin supplement which includes vitamin B and antioxidants.
  • Also eliminate stress from your life in order to control headache.

Don ‘ts

  • Avoid going long periods without eating or drinking fluids. All these triggers low blood sugar or dehydration.
  • Don’t consume artificial flavorings and preservatives, which contain MSG, sulphites and nitrites.
  • Don’t eat processed food and eat only natural foods.
  • Don’t eat food which contain artificial sweeteners especially Aspartame which is found in diet beverages, candy and gums.
  • Avoid cured meats like bologna, corned beef, ham, hot dogs, salami, sausage, smoked fish as they contain nitrate content.
  • Lastly, remember a relaxed mind, contentment, sleep and rest are essential and are a way to wellness. Above all healthy diet, plenty of fresh water, regular exercise is essential. Include positive relaxation in your mind like regular yoga exercise, meditation, laughter, healthy sex, massage and develop positive attitude towards life.