How Do I Know If a Diet is really a Healthy Diet or Not? | Cambo-Zone

Many people have been pulled into the impractical quick fix weight loss programs that promise them rapid weight loss in a matter of weeks but are they the right solutions? How can one determine the best weight loss diet that is both healthy and sustainable?


Many factors must be looked into when considering a weight loss diet to ensure that you are consuming a healthy diet which you can sustain over the long term. At best, try to avoid a quick fix to the problem. A weight loss diet or supplements that promise you quick weight loss in 72 hours or 5 days is definitely both unhealthy and counterproductive. If you can lose that much weight in 5 days, you can also gain it over the same period of time.

Some weight loss “experts” will advise you to stop taking certain kind of foods. Since our bodies require a balanced healthy diet, a dieting program that restricts certain kinds of diet is certainly a recipe for disaster. Such programs will lead to the undernourishment of your body and you will be missing out on key nutrients that are required to keep you in perfect health.  A good weight loss and healthy diet program should employ some moderation and dieting but it must incorporate all kinds of healthy foods for a balanced diet.

It is also important to ensure that a weight loss program is advocating not just about a healthy diet but a change in lifestyle too. Every weight loss dieting program should be accompanied with recommendation of a daily exercise routine. Lack of exercise is one of the main reasons why add excess fat to our bodies. Sometimes it also helps to evaluate the credentials of the “guru” prescribing a weight loss routine. You are likely to have a greater chance of success if you are taking dieting recommendations from a dietary expert or nutritionist.