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healthy food

Eating is considered as one of the most important parts of our everyday living. Without which we can’t expect the life to exist.  The foods we eat are the single source of energy and nutrition. Through the consumption of food we can get a glimpse of a person’s lifestyle. But you may be wondering what is healthy food?  At times we get confused over what to eat and what not. We have been reading about health and care and healthy eating habits daily in newspapers, health magazines, online resources etc. Sometimes when you are hungry, you start eating a candy bar. After a few minutes you feel you are not feeling hungry now.  How this happens?  It is the sugar in candy which does the wonders in your blood.  It carries the energy contained in sugar to your brain. When brain receives energy, it didn’t feel hungry.

When we have excess of sugar in our body, blood can’t handle much of the sugar; it produces insulin a substance which clears the sugar from the blood.  Insulin helps in getting rid of excess sugar, and in the end succeeds in its mission. When there is no sugar left in the body to produce energy and when it fails to supply the so called energy to brain, we started feeling hungry again.  Now the question is what is a healthy food or diet?

There are a wide variety of foods which can be touted as a healthy one. For example, fiber, the role of fiber in our body is it keeps the bowel of a person working regularly and keeps large intestine in good health. It also provides other important nutrients also. Fiber can be found in whole meal, wholegrain rice, breakfast cereals, potatoes, pasta, beans, pulses and lentils etc.

Fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are one of the healthy foods found on earth. This type of category includes all frozen, canned fruit/vegetables and French food. Fruits and vegetables are the good source of minerals, vitamins and fibers.  It is suggested to have around five portions of fruit and vegetables daily.